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Resources for Help in Purusharth

Here are important resources (audio, video, pdf book, article, etc. for betterment in your Purusharth and to boost your umang-utsah (enthusiasm) to become pure, perfect and equal to Shiv baba.

Read general & Gyan related articles (written by 'Shiv Baba Service' team)

5 Swaroop ka Abhyaas (Avyakt BapDada) - listen Audio   or watch Video 

सकाश देने की विधि - read Hindi article.

How to give Sakash - read English article

or watch video.

Rajyoga Music, Commentaries - Listen to selected best music & guided commentaries in Hindi and English.

(हमारे चुने हुए सबसे बेहतर राजयोग की कमेंटरी और म्यूजिक सुने)

Video Gallery (useful videos in Hindi and English - Official gallery)

Listen Avyakt Murli (original audio)

Listen Sakar Murli (original)  Or  Sakar Murli with English translation.

Listen selected BK audio Classes (by Dadi Janki, Dadi Gulzar, BK Shivani, BK Suraj, Jagdish bhai, BK Usha, BK Jayanti, etc.)

* आज का विशेष पुरुषार्थ - शिव बाबा की अंतिम शिक्षाएँ - READ eBook  or  Listen audio♪.

Swamaan Abhyas - Audio commentaries. (Hindi & English - Swaman practice - listen DAILY)

Read PDF books (most important selected e-Books to read and download (official page)


Need anything specific?  Search on BK Google or explore our Sitemap page.

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