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Angel of Shiv Baba (GOD) -Brahma Kumaris

White. Golden. Red.


Write Daily Letter to Shiv Baba

"Write daily letter (your potamel) to Shiv Baba and say what Purusharth and service you did today. How much did you follow the shrimat?" - Sakar Murli, 1964.

 "शिव बाबा को रोज अपना पोतामेल लिखो। आज पूरा दिन क्या किया, कितना श्रीमत पर चले" - साकार मुरली,1964.

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Write Today's Letter

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Select which Shimat you followed today?

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Your today's letter is sent. Daily writing letter to Baba helps us to remove weaknesses and upgrade our Purusharth.

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