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Services done by the 'Shiv Baba Service initiative'

Here is the displayed list of services done through the Shiv Baba Service initiative as a reference. If you wish to apply to join the service team, fill this form and submit. This page is as a record of all online services done since 2016.

1. Email responding to Questions (on behalf of Shiv baba)  See on Forum

2. Gyan related and general articles, Q and A - Visit this

3. Managing the main website: (One Website for Everything)

4. Samadhan WhatsApp group to give guidance on any life situation, giving answer to Gyan related & general questions  View this

5. Managing the main Blog  Visit Blog

6. Articles, Q & A blog website ->

7. Created 3 mobile apps for Android phone & manage 1 of them.

8. Managing the Sound Cloud channel for daily audio services

(Visit the 21 playlists of our SoundCloud channel)

9. Writing articles in Hindi and English  See this

10. Making PDF versions of articles, course and webpages  See this

11. Audio English translation for original Sakar Murli. Listen this

12. Gyan related video articles posting on this YouTube channel.

13. Old Avyakt Murlis revision project. Listen this

14. Managing 14 WhatsApp groups to give daily sustenance to BK godly students.

15. Editing and improving content on the 'main website'. See on What's New page

16. Occasional services connected with the main website

Visit our NEWS section for all news and uploads.

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