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Brahma Kumaris songs - Shiv Baba ke Geet

Brahma Kumaris songs - Shiv baba ke Geet - a full audio playlist collection of BK divine songs specially selected for Yaad ki Yatra and Purusharth. May these songs give you a spiritual experience, the God's message, emerge your inner spiritual powers and take you close to the true Self (atma/soul), & close to the most beloved Shiv baba (Parampita ParamAtma) and closer to the highest purpose of human life (to become a deity-like (devta) from an ordinary human being)

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Above is the FULL playlist of 132 songs (from our Sound Cloud channel). BK divine songs collections. Listen these songs whenever you feel the need (during Yog or before Murli or while cooking food - KarmaYog). These songs are to connect our Mann (mind) and intellect (Buddhi) with Shiv baba (Parampita ParamAtma). Om Shanti. Good Godly Morning. Namaste to the true Brahman family...

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